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Need a Quinquennial survey quote? – then talk to us


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We enjoy carrying out structural surveys and Quinquennial Reports as they are a great way of ensuring that major property problems do not occur preventing large financial expenditures when an issue is identified at an early stage. 

Our principles follow the Church Conservation Trust (CCT) guidance and the Church Commissioners ethos together with the Society for the Protection of Ancient Buildings (SPAB) with regard to historic churches and their preservation as well as overall guidance from the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS). 


Need a Quinquennial survey? - then talk to us

Our church Surveyors are experienced and will help

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we will help with quinquennial reports

Qualified and Experienced Surveyors

All our surveyors are all members of the RICS - Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors and the ISVA Independent Surveyors and Valuers Association and carry out all surveys with the latest surveying equipment.

The Chartered Building Surveyors we propose to carry out the surveys both have a decades of experience and are Fellows of the RICS, which is the highest level of qualification obtainable from the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors, full CVs are available if so required.

The Chartered Building Surveyors we propose to carry out the surveys both have a decades of experience and are Fellows of the RICS, which is the highest level of qualification obtainable from the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors, full CVs are available if so required. 


One point of contact

In addition to our experienced, qualified Independent Chartered Surveyor we can also provide a personal designated P.A. who collates, managers the administration of the project and is your point of contact. Our P.A’s are experienced, knowledgeable and ensure that your project is handled efficiently and professionally at all times.


Quinquennial Surveys you can understand - written in plain English

All our Quinquennial Reports are tailor-made to your individual requirements and written in plain English presented utilising photographic records using digital cameras with 16x zoom lens, aerial view 360 images and unique survey sketches giving clarity.


Solutions that help you

Our Quinquennial surveys contain useful Executive Summaries that not only identify the defects and related problems but also give solutions and anticipated costs.


Latest Surveying Equipment

latest surveying equipmentWe are also very precise about the quality of surveying equipment that our Surveyors use not just accepting any equipment sourcing the best/latest when it is not available in the UK and importing into the country for our Surveyors to use if we believe this is required.

This specialist surveying equipment can be anything from specialist Gann resistance meters, high level shelfie-sticks to aid photography, to surface temperature testers and a number of different relative humidity measurers to anemometers. 

In addition our Surveyors use various gauges to measure angles of roofs and thermal imaging cameras.

Water damage is always a concern with properties and our Surveyors carry out various tests to ascertain whether dampness/water is getting into a structure. 

For example:

We carry out inspections using thermal imaging cameras to inspect and establish where there is heat loss, roof defects, water ingress etc in a property. 

Thermal imaging

  thermal image       Thermal image    
  Checking a roof leak with a damp meter - Protimeter 
      Thermal image shows cracking within the wall

Sensible programmes of repair providing value for money

We appreciate that buildings can cost a large amount of money and can cost even more if not managed properly.  We believe prevention is better than curing bad problems – our Reports are written to give you options on how to resolve property problems and where appropriate give the best advice as to how preventative measures can help and ultimately save you time and money.


Quinquennial SurveyorsFor example:

Gutters and Drainpipes

The gutters in some areas have been fixed wrongly and rainwater is discharging down the walls rather than into the gutters.

Action Required: Clear all existing gutters and re-secure (in some areas the clips looked to be spaced too far apart so add additional clips).

Anticipated Cost: In the region of £X to £X, assuming the existing gutters can be salvaged; replacement gutters would be more; please obtain quotations.



Our Quinquennial Reports are specific and detailed call us on Free phone 0800 409 6824



Specific and detailed Reports

When we are provided with a copy of a clients mock Quinquennial Report we would comment that often we find that the Quinquennial Report could be more specific and detailed. 

church surveyorsFor example:

We noted C12 Floors, stairways and balconies identified “The floors have dropped noticeably within the Church as a result of historic movement but there is no indication that the problem has developed.” However this does not identify the potential cause and only describes the effect nor does it quantify the problem meaning that any future Quinquennial Reports will not identify easily if any further movement has occurred. 

Our Surveyors not only provide a specific description but also the action required together with a photographic record. 


For example: 

We would identify that the floor has dropped within the north section of the Church, which is due to a suspended timber floor, which we believe relates to a dampness problem.  The drop is approximately 2 inches (50.8mm) leaning towards the north gable for approximately 3 metres. 

Action Required: We would recommend action be taken to cross ventilate the floor to stop any further deterioration. 

unique survey sketches



Suspended Timber Floor Construction Defined

A suspended timber floor usually consists of timbers spanning the ground floor, supported on piers (usually brickwork), vented via air bricks within the walls.



Tailor made for you

We would of course amend and alter our reports and tailor make them specific for you.


Confidential data storage

Uniquely for you we provide electronic storage in our large secure confidential database with password access for those you wish to allow access to.  We also provide customer panels where the progress of the survey can be observed keeping you up to date.

We also provide customer panels where the progress of the survey can be observed keeping you up to date. Again this can be password protected to ensure access is available to those with whom you wish the facility to be accessed. 


Your budget

We can also review the surveys and give you advice based upon our experience and knowledge of where best to spend your budget.


Drive-by valuation

If requested we will carry out a drive-by visit to the property and our quotation can be based upon these together with viewing the properties via Google Earth and ordinance survey mapping technology.


Quinquennial Quotations

need a quinquennial survey

We can provide three standards of reports:-

  1. Reports compiled and presented to our high standard.
  2. Reports compiled and presented to an enhanced standard.
  3. Reports compiled and presented to your existing standard.

 and costs can be divided:-

  1. Total fee.
  2. Divided into annual fee.


Chartered Surveyors?

YES all our surveyors are Chartered Surveyors and members of The Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors RICS 

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