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Are you thinking of living in a church, chapel or somewhere that was once a place of worship?

If the answer is YES

read on to see how we can help YOU

Our Independent Building Surveyors have come across during their many years of surveying churches several different styles of buildings that were once a church, chapel or place of worship.  The styles broadly fit into:-

  1. Where the whole church or chapel or place of worship is being converted into one large property.
  2. Where the church or chapel or place of worship is being converted into apartments.

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Useful tips when buying a church, chapel or place of worship to live in

Here are some useful tips on what to look out for with these different types of property purchases.

Most churches, chapels and places of worship are Listed Buildings and are in Conservation Areas.

  Grade I   Buildings are of exceptional interest, sometimes considered to be internationally important.  
      These buildings tend to have very strict restrictions regarding building work you are allowed or not allowed to carry out.  
  Grade II*   Buildings are particularly important of more than special interest.  
  Grade II   Buildings are nationally import and of special interest.  
      These buildings you can carry out some alterations to but you will need to know what you are doing.   

There was recently a case where alterations were carried out to a Grade II building without gaining Local Authority Approval and the owner was being asked to take down the extension, which cost around million pounds! 

Example Surveys - take a look at one of our example surveys free example survey


High-level work

Churches were predominately built in stone but there are some in brick whichever their construction maintenance at high-level tends to be very expensive.  Do take a pair of binoculars along when you view the building and take a look at the top of the church, chapel or place of worship. 

All our Independent Chartered Building Surveyors use high level photography stationary drones and commercial drones to view churches at high-level when carrying out full structural surveys together with their knowledge and experience of these types of buildings.

Do remember that scaffolding alone can run into thousands of pounds if high-level work is required.

We can provide 3D models and layout plans to help you plan your church conversion


Take a look at the detailing on the church or chapel or place of worship to ascertain for example how the rainwater travels from the top of the building down to ground level.  Does the rainwater discharge onto the walls in any areas; sometimes this is intentional and sometimes not.  Will there be a need to regularly maintain the walls where the downpipes, hopperheads or gargoyles discharge onto the walls.

Overflowing gutter and leaking hopperheadOverflowing gutter and leaking hopperhead

gutter and wall problems


Many churches, chapels and places of worship have covenants on them; covenants are rules and regulations with regard to what you can and cannot carry out.  Often on older buildings covenants can cover all sorts of areas and can be limited but can also be costly such as limitations on how to extend or develop a property.

Is it a good crack or a bad crack that you have seen at the property?

Older buildings tend to be altered and amended over the years, which is very common in churches, chapels and places of worship type buildings.  There are good cracks and bad cracks.  It is only when our Building Surveyors have viewed the property that they can give an opinion whether the crack is a good crack or a bad crack.


Dampness is frequently found in older buildings such as churches, chapels and places of worship, which to some extent can be acceptable when the building is not a home.  When the church, chapel or place of worship changes into a home dampness can become a problem.

Unique Survey Sketches

Included in our building surveys are many unique survey sketches which we have commissioned over the many years of surveying churches, chapels and places of worship.  Our survey sketches together with our descriptions, digital photos, aerial view 360 photos and definitions give our clients a full understanding of the building and any property problems. 

Church Survey Unique Sketches

 If you would like any help or guidance please call our Building Surveyors for a free, friendly chat call 0800 409 6824


Chartered Surveyors?

YES all our surveyors are Chartered Surveyors and members of The Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors RICS 

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